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3 Steps to Take if You Get Injured at Work February 7, 2020

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3 Steps to Take if You Get Injured at Work, Goshen, New York

Everybody deserves to go to work each day and feel safe while earning a living. This is why employers are legally required to maintain a hazard-free workplace. However, accidents can still happen even when the necessary precautions have been taken. Fortunately, if you’ve been hurt at work, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation to help with your losses. Here are a few steps to take before consulting your lawyer

What to Do After a Work-Related Injury

1. Seek Medical Attention 

Your first priority should be getting treatment for your injuries. Even if you feel well enough to continue working, it’s best to head to the doctor right away. Having an examination is the only way to properly diagnose and determine the full extent of your injuries. This will also serve as official documentation for your workers’ compensation claim. Medical records will provide an accurate account of workplace injuries. Without this evidence, many lawyers see benefits get denied. 

2. Report the Accident 

lawyerOnce you’ve been treated, notify your employer of the incident right away. This can be done verbally but should also involve a written statement with all the details of what happened to keep for your records. New York law requires employees to report their injuries within 30 days from the date of the accident. Waiting too long to provide notification can result in a denial of benefits.

3. File a Workers’ Compensation Claim

The next step is filing your workers’ compensation claim. This involves filling out a C-3 employee claim form and submitting it to the Workers’ Compensation Board. You’ll need to provide as many details as possible, including your contact information, employment information, how the injury occurred, where you were when it happened, the nature of the injury, and what medical treatment you’ve received. In New York, the statute of limitations for filing a claim is two years from the date of injury. If you miss this deadline, you lose your right to benefits.


If you’ve been denied workers’ compensation after filing a valid claim, turn to the lawyers at The Finkelstein Law Firm in Goshen, NY, for help. They’ll advocate on your behalf and present a compelling argument that shows why you deserve to receive benefits. Backed by more than 20 years of experience, they’re well-versed in workers’ compensation laws and have a proven track record of success with these types of cases. Call (845) 294-9003 to schedule a lawyer consultation or visit them online to learn more about the legal services they offer.

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