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How to Care for a Retractable Awning February 13, 2020

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How to Care for a Retractable Awning, Groveland-Mascotte, Florida

On hot summer days and rainy fall evenings, a retractable awning is a great addition to your backyard patio. While designed to be durable and resistant to the elements, it can take a beating during times of heavy use, especially when not properly maintained. Routine maintenance not only keeps it looking nice but also extends its life, saving you on costly repairs and replacements over time. To learn how to properly care for your awning, keep the following advice in mind.

3 Tips for Retractable Awning Maintenance

1. Keep It Clean

Give your awning a thorough clean at least once per year. Begin by using a broom to remove any dust or built-up debris, then rinse it with a water hose. Treat stains such as bird droppings, rust, or mud using a mild natural detergent, such as dish soap, then rinse clean with warm water and allow to air dry while the awning is fully open.

Tackle tougher issues, such as mildew, by using a dilution of bleach and water in a spray bottle to gently treat the area before rinsing with water. Before using this solution, though, treat a small, unnoticeable location for colorfastness to ensure you don't damage the material.

2. Prepare for the Elements

retractable awningPrevent mildew, rust stains, and damage to your awning’s mechanical equipment by retracting it during times of inclement weather such as wind and rain. Water can accumulate on an extended awning, damaging the frame and causing it to break.

Water from precipitation and even sprinklers can cause frames to rust, leading to fabric stains and deterioration that could result in costly repairs or replacements. Therefore, be mindful of your watering schedule and coverage or retract the awning while sprinklers are on.

3. Clean & Lubricate Framework

Retractable awnings typically utilize a lightweight and durable aluminum framework and self-lubricating joints. While most framework is designed so that little to no maintenance is required, it’s wise to occasionally clean the framework using a hose and wipe it clean with a soft cloth at the beginning of each season. Consider using a dry-spray silicone lubricant at the end of the roller tube on the side opposite of your motor or gear to maintain smooth, quiet operation.


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