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4 Benefits of Building an At-Home Storm Shelter February 7, 2020

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4 Benefits of Building an At-Home Storm Shelter, Columbia, Missouri

Having an at-home storm shelter is a home improvement project that saves lives. Although other projects certainly beautify and expand a house, a storm shelter provides life-saving benefits if a tornado touches down nearby. A few advantages are listed below.

Why Should a Storm Shelter Be Your Next Home Improvement Project?

1. Close at Hand

When a tornado, dangerous thunderstorm, or high winds are drawing near, sirens may sound, and civil authorities may warn you to evacuate, shelter in place, or proceed to a municipal shelter. If you have a storm shelter constructed at home, you’ll always have a safe space to wait out threats. You won’t have to leave your home with your family and pets in the middle of the night. You’ll have a plan and a space to stay safe.

2. Built to Order

A storm shelter can be built to your unique specifications and be large enough to accommodate your entire family. Space in public shelters may be limited, and families may be separated when they need each other most. If you construct a shelter at home, your family can stay safe from harm and wait out a storm together.

3. Increased Home Value

Home ImprovementA well-planned and -constructed storm shelter addition can increase the value of a home. It may also be a unique selling point in your market. Before you embark on a shelter construction project, consult with a real estate agent about market data available for your locality to inform your decisions.

4. Property Protection

Tornadoes, storm winds, flooding, and lightning strikes may damage a home and all its contents, including expensive electronics, artwork, furniture, and valuable furnishings. An on-site storm shelter provides a place to store objects of value until a storm passes.


When it comes to home improvement projects, a storm shelter provides long-lasting benefits, including keeping your family safe from harm. Naugle Construction Company in Columbia, MO, has 50 years of experience in home construction and renovating. To learn more about their interior and exterior services, visit them online. To obtain an estimate for your project, call them at  (573) 474-9444.

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