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How to Stop Snoring March 2, 2020

Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
How to Stop Snoring, Cincinnati, Ohio

Because it contributes to sleep disturbances, snoring can have a major impact on your quality of life. Should you have a partner, loud snoring will affect their quality of life, too. Thankfully, a dentist may be able to help you stop snoring once and for all. Here are some of the most effective ways to combat snoring. 

3 Strategies to Stop Snoring 

1. Anti-Snoring Appliances 

There are special mouthguards that can stop snoring by pulling the tongue forward or pushing the lower jaw out. Such adjustments will serve to widen the airway, thereby allowing for easier breathing while you sleep. Although you can purchase a generic device over the counter, a custom appliance from your dentist will be more effective because it will conform to the unique shape of your mouth. 

If you have sleep apnea, though, a CPAP machine may be preferable to a mouthguard. These devices deliver pressurized air into a mask that you wear while you sleep to facilitate steady breathing all night long. 

2. Lifestyle Adjustments 

dentistDepending on the underlying cause of your snoring, making certain lifestyle changes could help. For example, if you happen to be overweight, fatty tissue in the back of your throat could be obstructing your breathing. Should this be the case, losing weight will help. Sleeping on your back can also obstruct the airway because of how the pillow angles the neck. Try sleeping on your side instead or using an ergonomic pillow designed to prevent snoring.

Habits like drinking and smoking might cause snoring, as well. Alcohol relaxes the throat muscles, so they flop down and obstruct the throat, while smoking irritates the upper airways

3. Surgical Procedures 

For some individuals, the best way to stop snoring permanently is by undergoing a minor surgical procedure. There are a number of upper airway surgeries that can combat snoring once and for all. For example, a maxillomandibular advancement moves the jaws forward to open the airway, while a uvulopalatopharyngoplasty eliminates excess tissue from around the throat. After determining the precise cause of the snoring, your dentist can explain the most effective surgical options. 


If snoring is hurting your quality of life, turn to Dr. Robert N. Petrtyl, DDS, for help. Practicing out of Cincinnati, OH, this knowledgeable dentist has been in the field for more than 30 years. Using only the highest quality equipment that relies on state-of-the-art technology, Dr. Petrtyl performs a broad range of procedures on-site. To learn more about the custom anti-snoring appliances he offers, visit his website. To make an appointment, call (513) 554-4657.

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