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3 Tips for Discussing Addiction Recovery With Your Kids February 12, 2020

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3 Tips for Discussing Addiction Recovery With Your Kids, Lorain, Ohio

When someone enters an addiction recovery program, it can have a significant impact on their family. Children, especially, can find it difficult to understand why their parents or family members are going away and what the purpose of their absence means. To give them peace of mind, consider the following tips for broaching the topic of addiction treatment and recovery.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Addiction Recovery

1. Acknowledge Your Actions

Battling substance issues can affect your ability to be a responsible, active, and positive parent. Late drop-offs and pick-ups from school, arguments at home, and other lapses in parenting can cause anger, fear, and resentment to build in children. Using specific examples, acknowledge the pain your behavior has created, as it will help your youngster know their feelings are valid. Also, be sure to offer heartfelt apologies and mention how rehab will help you become a more supportive presence in their life.  

2. Tell Them Not to Shoulder the Blame

Lorain-Ohio-addiction-recoveryBecause children often aren’t told what sparked their parents’ addictions, it’s natural for them to feel fully or partially responsible. Let your child know they are not to blame. As many children in this situation take on a parenting role, be sure to stress that they shouldn’t feel guilty or responsible for fixing the problem. 

3. Be Honest

Although your child’s age should be considered when deciding how much detail to divulge, let them know what sparked your addictions and be honest throughout the conversation. Deception could be brought to light during subsequent discussions or family counseling, causing issues with trust and honesty. So that your child feels like an active participant in the conversation, let them know it is okay to ask questions about your addiction recovery. When they ask these questions, be as open as you feel comfortable being when answering them.


So your entire family can begin to heal, contact the discreet, courteous counselors at The LCADA Way. Located in Lorain, OH, the center has been providing addiction recovery programs for individuals over the age of 14 in Ohio’s Lorain, Erie, Medina, and surrounding counties since 1981. The team will provide transportation, childcare, and access to sober living. To learn more about programs for drug, alcohol, and gambling addiction, visit the center online. For an appointment in Lorain, call (440) 989-4900 or dial (330) 952-1544 for help in Wadsworth. Stay tuned for announcements about upcoming programs on their Facebook page. 

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