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3 Ways to Raise an Independent Preschooler March 4, 2020

Cortlandt, Westchester
3 Ways to Raise an Independent Preschooler, Cortlandt, New York

Attending preschool is a rite of passage for many youngsters. Spending extended periods away from parents and interacting with kids other than siblings helps little ones develop a variety of skills. Here’s some advice for encouraging independence in your preschooler so that they can thrive in the classroom. 

How to Make Your Preschooler More Independent 

1. Let Them Choose School Outfits

Croton-on-Hudson-New-York-preschoolPeople use clothing to express their individuality. Letting your youngster pick out their preschool outfits will help them develop a sense of self. As weekday mornings can be hectic, help your little one choose clothes for the upcoming week on Saturday or Sunday. You can pull items from closets to narrow the selection or let them pick out each ensemble with minimal interference. Just make sure the wardrobe is appropriate for the weather and for school.   

2. Let Them Brush Their Teeth Without Help

To encourage independence, let your child take on more responsibility for their personal hygiene when getting ready for preschool. You can incorporate this into the morning routine by letting them brush their teeth without help. Stand by to make sure they spend 30 seconds brushing each section of the mouth, including along the gumline. 

3. Encourage Them to Put Away Toys After Play 

From building blocks to stuffed animals, toys left on the floor can be major tripping hazards. Making your preschooler responsible for their belongings will instill a sense of independence. To make them eager to put away toys after playtime, you can sing a song about cleaning up.


If you want your child to develop their independence and the socialization skills necessary to succeed in life, enroll them in the preschool program at A Rising Star Children's Center in Croton-on-Hudson, NY. Serving families throughout the community for over a decade, the center’s early childhood learning curriculum for preschoolers includes language arts, math, science, and art to aid cognitive development. Activities are also designed to improve fine and gross motor skills and encourage emotional and social growth. Visit the learning center online for more details or call (914) 862-4283 to discuss enrollment.

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