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3 Reasons to Install a Concrete Driveway March 4, 2020

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3 Reasons to Install a Concrete Driveway, Franklinville, North Carolina

So they don’t gradually buckle under heavy vehicles or succumb to the elements, driveways need routine upkeep. If repair frequency is increasing, it’s likely time to hire a concrete contractor to replace the damaged path. Choosing concrete instead of gravel or asphalt boasts the following advantages. 

3 Benefits Concrete Driveways Provide

1. Longevity

After a concrete contractor installs the driveway, it could be at least 30 years before the need for replacement. Made of limestone, rock, and water, the material is resistant to weathering, chemical infiltration, and abrasions. Meanwhile, asphalt is made from aggregates, binders, and fillers, making it more susceptible to wear, with a life span of only 12 to 20 years.

2. Maintenance 

Franklinville-North-Carolina-concrete-contractorAlthough gravel driveways can last for decades, you’ll need to constantly rake the tiny stones, replenish sunken layers, and combat weed growth to extend its life. Concrete driveways are much easier to maintain by comparison.

Pressure-washing concrete every few months will prevent chemical corrosion and keep it looking attractive. Have your contractor seal the surface every four to five years to repel UV rays and prevent water infiltration that leads to cracking. This is less frequent upkeep than asphalt surfaces, which must be sealed every three years to remain in good shape. 

3. Safety

As concrete is more rigid than asphalt, there’s less risk of potholes forming in the pavement. This will prevent trips and falls that could lead to premises liability lawsuits. As gravel can shift underfoot, it could also be easier for some individuals to walk on concrete. Tire tread can also grip concrete better than asphalt to prevent skidding.


To ensure your new, durable driveway is installed correctly, leave work in the capable hands of the concrete contractors at New Horizon Buildings and Concrete, LLC in Franklinville, NC. With over 20 years of experience, they’ll ensure paved paths and metal buildings are installed according to industry standards throughout the East Coast and Southeast. Visit the construction company online and check out Facebook for project photos. Call (336) 799-1106 to schedule an estimate today.

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