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3 Tips for Driving a New Car March 2, 2020

East Franklin, Armstrong
3 Tips for Driving a New Car, East Franklin, Pennsylvania

Getting a new set of wheels is, undoubtedly, an exciting event. While enjoying the perks of a new vehicle, keep these tips in mind to ensure your safety and to prevent premature auto repairs

Advice for Driving a New Car

1. Get to Know It

You may have read about your car online and test-driven it, but that’s no substitute for sitting in the driver’s seat and exploring its features. Adjust the seat and steering wheel for your comfort. Take a moment to locate the temperature and radio controls as well as the controls for the headlights, hazards, and windshield wipers.

Also, adjust the mirrors for optimal visibility, and skim the owner’s manual. There’s no need to read it from front to back, but familiarity with its content could save you time down the road.

2. Go Easy on Brakes 

auto repairDon’t test the speed of your new vehicle with aggressive driving and braking. During the first 100 to 200 miles of operation, treat your brakes gingerly until the rough edges have been smoothed over. To ensure even wear, don't stop suddenly.

Each car’s brakes feel different. Drive slowly and brake early to avoid collisions as you’re getting accustomed to them. After you get to know your braking system, you can return to regular driving habits. 

3. Establish a Maintenance Schedule 

After you purchase a new car, don’t forget about auto maintenance in all the excitement. Have the oil changed after the first 1,000 miles to remove metallic flakes that are often present in new cars.

Create a schedule for preventative maintenance, and add alerts to the calendar on your smartphone. Talk to your auto repair technician about potential hazards of driving a new car, and observe any extra precautions they recommend.


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