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3 Ways Flooding Affects Septic Systems February 10, 2020

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3 Ways Flooding Affects Septic Systems, Corbin, Kentucky

Homeowners may not make an immediate connection between flooding and septic systems, but the two are intrinsically connected. One of the system’s primary components is the drainfield, where effluent travels for treatment and dispersal into the soil. When excessive moisture soaks the field, though, problems can arise that impact the system’s performance. Here are three ways that flooding can affect septic functionality.

How Flooding Impacts Septic Systems

1. Sewage Backups

Among the most common effects of a flood is the presence of backed-up sewage in the house. When the drainfield is saturated, it can’t accept any water that drains there via the tank’s outlet pipe. Because the average flow is interrupted, it will travel back to the tank and exit into the home, ultimately causing it to back up inside. Bear in mind that this problem can also develop when there’s a clogged pipe or when you need to pump the septic tank. It’s most likely to be related to flooding in the aftermath of a heavy storm.

2. Debris Buildup

Corbin, KY septic systemAlthough the tank itself is unlikely to suffer much damage because it’s submerged underground, there is a possibility that silt and mud may build up both in the drainfield and the tank when the ground is soaked. You can prevent this by waiting until the ground is completely dry to schedule septic tank pumping. This will also help maintain the tank’s stability, as pumping on flooded ground can cause it to move out of place.

3. Water Usage

If the septic system doesn’t accept wastewater properly in the aftermath of a flood, it could also affect how much water is safe to use until the groundwater level falls below the septic tank to its standard point. To facilitate the recovery process, you may need to limit the duration of showers, flush only when needed, and avoid using your dishwasher and washing machine until the situation is resolved. You should also repair any leaks promptly, as even small drips can cause issues.


Homeowners throughout Corbin, KY, and surrounding areas can trust in the team at Cox’s Septic Service to resolve their septic system concerns. If you’re worried about potential flood damage, have these qualified professionals perform a thorough assessment. They perform septic tank pumping and maintenance, as well as wastewater hauling. Visit them online for information about their full range of services, or call them at (606) 528-4782 today to schedule an initial appointment.

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