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3 Signs You Need to Remove a Tree February 7, 2020

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3 Signs You Need to Remove a Tree, Florence, Kentucky

Deciding to part with plants or fauna in your yard may be difficult because they provide much-needed shade, oxygen, and are aesthetically pleasing. However, there comes the point where trimming and pruning branches isn’t enough. The tree on your property may need emergency tree removal is it exhibits one or more of the following.

When Do You Need to Get Rid of a Tree?

1. Obstructing Property or Powerlines

Branches that are growing into your neighbors’ yard should be cut back, so they don’t destroy their property. Although this is a manageable solution, branches that grow too fast, wrap themselves around powerlines, or are starting to slam into your home can become costly with frequent pruning and repairs. It’s better to call for tree removal, as the branches will forever grow in the same position, regardless of upkeep. 

2. Infestation & Disease

tree removalInsects, like termites, will bore themselves into trees to make a home. Mold can cause discoloration of the wood and begin to rot the roots and wood fibers. Both of these infestations are manageable with the proper repellant, but other diseases can infest the rest of your yard. If a mushroomed fungus has begun to spread to multiple different plants, or it’s starting to rot the trunk from the inside out, tree removal should be conducted immediately before it spreads further.

3. Roots Are Destroying Pipes

Roots won’t stop growing until the trunk is removed from the ground. They won’t be disrupted, even through concrete. Upper roots that are visible can encroach their way into the foundation in your home, and it’s difficult to remove or cut roots back. If roots are going deep enough into the soil that they’re damaging underground piping, tree removal is a viable option.


Bluegrass Tree Service has the expertise and equipment to prune, trim, and remove trees that are dying or infesting the rest of your yard. For over 30 years, these expert arborists have served the Greater Cincinnati Area and Northern Kentucky by providing solutions to overgrown branches and diseased bark. Call them today at (859) 746-0708 to schedule a tree removal or visit their website for more information on their services.

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