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4 Ways to Bolster Your Small Business Protection March 11, 2020

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4 Ways to Bolster Your Small Business Protection, Tacoma, Washington

Small businesses are no less susceptible to security threats and theft than their bigger counterparts. Relative to the latter, they are least likely to recover from losses related to an attack. That’s why it’s often more practical to prevent these at the onset. Apart from placing security control systems, below are a few more ways to improve protection.

How to Improve Security in Your Business

1. Secure the Premises

Well-secured premises are your first line of defense against theft, burglary, and unauthorized entry, so take steps to protect your property. Install quality security control systems that include surveillance cameras, alarm systems, and commercial-grade locks. Place these in high-traffic areas, entry points, and even at rarely visited spots to ensure you have view and control throughout the facility.

Augment your security control system by upgrading the windows and doors. Reinforcing them reduces the possibility of break-ins, especially in areas with high-value items. Make sure that these doors and windows stay locked if unused. Moreover, keep these areas well-lit to deter any unauthorized entry. If you want to catch criminals by surprise, install motion sensor lights in unexpected places.

2. Conduct Regular Inspections

With security, being proactive is the key. If you have a team of security guards, have them perform a walk-through of the premises at different intervals. But if you don’t, you can do it before and after work. Look around the premises to see whether anything has changed in the vicinity. Encourage your staff to alert you of anything suspicious or out of place. The tiniest lapse in your security control system can compromise protection.

3. Control Access

security control systemsAn effective way to prevent unauthorized entry and theft is to regulate access for everyone. Issue the keys to a handful of people and keep track of who has access to the doors. It’s useful if you have an off-limits area for sensitive information or valuable items. Access control systems allow you to grant specific people with exclusive access, making it easier to identify the culprit in case of a breach.

Consider a keyless entry system for your employees to prevent the duplication of physical keys. Remind them that they have to surrender the keycards upon leaving the company to ensure that they can no longer go in and out after. 

4. Have a Response Plan

Even if you have foolproof security in place, breaches are still a possibility. It’s crucial to have a clear response plan for these situations so those in charge can respond quickly and accordingly. Instruct and train your employees on protocols, including notifying the authorities.  


No matter the size of your business, security remains a top priority. For top-notch security control systems, count on Robblee’s Total Security in Tacoma, WA. Since 1918, they’ve provided commercial security systems, including CCTV cameras, alarms, and gate operators, to clients throughout the state. Call (253) 627-5448 to discuss security solutions or view their full list of services online.

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