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3 Ways to Reduce Sunroom Condensation February 24, 2020

East Rochester, Monroe
3 Ways to Reduce Sunroom Condensation, East Rochester, New York

When frost collects on your windows and melts, it creates condensation on the glass. However, faulty windows aren’t the only cause of water droplets forming in your sunroom. In fact, modern heating solutions may even be the cause. Since changing your new furnace to an old model isn’t an option, reduce the appearance of condensation with the following tips.

How to Keep Your Sunroom Windows Dry

1. Raise the Temperature

To prevent frost from forming in the first place, keep the windows warm by raising the temperature in your home. Buy a space heater and close the doors that connect the sunroom to the rest of the house, and use curtains or drapes to lock the heat in the windows.

2. Install a Moisture Eliminator

sunroomSome sunrooms aren’t well insulated, which is the primary reason why condensation collects on the windows. To prevent excess moisture from getting into your home on a rainy day, purchase a moisture eliminator. These products absorb water droplets from the air, and they often come in buckets or bags that can sit on the ground or hang from the ceiling.

3. Buy a Dehumidifier

Humidity will cause moisture to build within your sunroom, so get a dehumidifier that'll create a dryer climate within the area and balance the humidity level to prevent condensation. This is a cost-effective way to suck water out of the room and keep your windows in excellent condition.

4. Invest in Storm Windows

Installing a new set of windows may be worth it if condensation persists. Storm windows reduce condensation between the two panes of glass, allowing them to stay warmer. They can also reduce heating bills in the winter and prevent frost build-up near the base of your windows.


If condensation persists on your sunroom after all of these solutions, contact Patio Solutions in East Rochester, NY. For almost 40 years, they’ve provided their customers across Monroe County with a variety of sunroom solutions, so you can trust that they’ll fix your problem once and for all. Visit them online to learn more about their services and products, or call them today at (585) 385-9999 to discuss your needs.

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