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How to Prepare for Springtime Pests February 3, 2020

Downtown Dayton, Dayton
How to Prepare for Springtime Pests, Dayton, Ohio

A wide array of bugs become active in the spring, and most of them will view homes as places of refuge and areas that have plentiful food sources. To help you concentrate more on the beautiful spring weather instead of pest control, consider the following tips that will help protect your property against unwanted visitors.

What Spring Pests Are Common?

Three common pests will search for warmth in the spring: termites, ants, and flies. Once temperatures reach over 50 degrees or the weather changes after a rainstorm, they may come into your home searching for food. 

What Issues Can They Cause?

pest control lewisburg, ohFlies are primarily an annoyance. Their short lifespan (up to a day) means an infestation is unlikely. Ants, however, may nest outside your home and come in droves to collect food scraps from your kitchen. Termites are the worst of the three because they build shelter tubes in the building’s foundation, which can weaken the framing and lead to structural collapse.

How Can You Prevent Them?

Preventative measures are the most effective form of pest control. Once they’re inside the home, they’re more challenging to get rid of without an exterminator. The following describes what the average homeowner can do to discourage pests from coming inside.

  • Trim trees and shrubs that are close to your home, as pests are more likely to nest there.

  • Clean your home often, including hard to reach places, such as inside cabinets and behind large appliances.

  • Throw out old boxes or newspapers, as they make great beds for bugs.

  • Fix leaky faucets, as pests use them as a water source.

  • Fill cracks and holes outside of the home, preferably closer to the ground, to close off potential entryways

  • Replace window screens if they’re ripped open.

  • Remove food sources, like fruit or bread, and put them in the fridge or cupboard so that pests cannot feed off of them.


Preventative pest control is effective, but once they enter your home, the infestation becomes challenging to control. Hire AllPest Pest Control & Wildlife Removal in Lewisburg, OH, as your exterminator for their prompt and cost-effective service. With over 35 years of industry experience, they have provided optimal customer service and positive pest control solutions to families, including our animal companions, with their pet-safe chemical treatments. Call (937) 884-5646 to set up an appointment, or visit their website for more information on their full range of services.

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