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What You Should Know About Water Well Testing March 6, 2020

Danbury, Fairfield County
What You Should Know About Water Well Testing, Danbury, Connecticut

If your household water supply was managed by your municipality, they would be obligated to maintain its quality. However, if you have a water well on your property, the safety of your water is a personal responsibility. Luckily, any homeowner can call on a water well service to test their supply. If you’ve just moved into a property with this system, use the following guide to learn why these assessments are so important. 

A Brief Guide to Water Well Testing

What to Test For

The water well technician will make sure that dangerous microorganisms, such as E. coli, are not present in your drinking supply, as these would be the greatest threat to your family’s health. They’ll also look for nitrates, which can prevent blood from transporting oxygen, and sulfate, which can upset your gastrointestinal system. Other tests include elements like chloride, sodium, manganese, arsenic, fluoride, and sulphate, which may result in everything from an unpleasant taste to an increased risk of cancer.

How Often to Test

water well serviceAt the very least, you should schedule this water well service annually. However, if your well is particularly shallow, your technician might suggest three or four times a year. You should also schedule additional testing if you notice a different taste, odor, or color in your drinking water, or if you hear about contamination issues in the area.

Why Early Detection Is Important

While some issues, such as hard water, present minor issues right away (like an unpleasant taste), other contaminant-related problems might not show themselves for years. For example, if your water is laced with trace amounts of pesticides, long-term consumption could lead to liver or nervous system damage. Therefore, it’s crucial to identify pollutants as early as possible, even if you’re not experiencing symptoms just yet.



If you’re eager to schedule water well services and test your system for contaminants, reach out to Gary's Pump Service of Danbury, CT. For over 40 years, they’ve been giving clients throughout Fairfield and Litchfield counties peace of mind. Their staff is always improving their industry knowledge to ensure you receive the best possible testing services. To learn more about their skills, visit their website or call (203) 744-7826 to ask for a free estimate. 

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