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Commercial VoIP Do’s & Don’ts February 14, 2020

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Commercial VoIP Do’s & Don’ts, Greensboro, North Carolina

Upgrading your business to a VoIP service will increase your mobility, reduce costs, and improve connectivity. However, while embracing VoIP technology, keep these do’s and don'ts in mind to ensure your business’s security and success. 


Remember the shared security model.

Your VoIP service is a cloud service, meaning it comes with what’s called a shared security model. Unlike other phone services, there isn’t a single device or location where it is kept and watched over. You and your employees might carry your VoIP service with you on your phone or laptop, whether you use them at work or at home. Be sure you remain on private networks, keep your security software upgraded, and don’t share passwords or devices with non-employees. Mobility is a great perk of VoIP systems, but it should be employed responsibly

Track your usage.

If your VoIP service is hacked, it often takes the form of an account takeover (ATO). For example, hackers might use your phone service to make expensive phone calls. Set a periodic reminder for yourself and your employees to check on usage. If you notice a call to a place where you don’t have customers or a long call to a number you don’t recognize, talk to your VoIP service about a security threat. If you haven’t already, this a good time to ask them questions about the services they offer to protect against fraud.


Tolerate lackluster service.

VoIP serviceAlthough a VoIP service might limit your need for onsite IT experts, you’ll still want to work closely with the company maintaining it. In fact, because they’re not on-site, it’s even more important that they prove reliable and comprehensive service when you need it;  long wait times on the phone or delayed email replies could give your problem time to worsen. A quality company will frequently update your system and have support staff on top of any problem. 

Mix your local area networks (LANs).

A local area network is a communication network in a building or office. Between you and your employees, there will be a range of devices on your LAN: one employee might be using a VoIP mobile app, while another is using a conference phone and printer that is connected to the VoIP network as well. In this scenario, all your office’s devices can be in communication, not allowing for optimum security. Instead, opt for a virtual LAN that will allow you to “switch on” a private line for your VoIP-enabled devices. Thus, your VoIP devices aren’t open to the whole network and susceptible to attacks on your cloud services.


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