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3 Everyday Tips for Reducing Eye Strain February 11, 2020

Spencerport, Monroe
3 Everyday Tips for Reducing Eye Strain, Spencerport, New York

Eye strain is a common issue for many people, from college students to office workers. It can be caused by squinting due to stress, lighting, tired eyes, and focusing for long periods of time without blinking. Fortunately, a few simple adjustments to your daily routine can help alleviate eye strain. In addition to talking to your eye doctor, the following simple remedies can also help ease your symptoms.

How Can You Relieve Eye Strain?

1. Artificial Tears

Over-the-counter eye drops can help keep your eyes lubricated, providing an effective way to relieve symptoms of dry, itchy eyes. People who spend much of their time looking at computer screens have been shown to blink less, so eye drops can help them keep their eyes hydrated. Avoid drops with preservatives and those claiming to provide redness relief, as the substances added to these eye drops can exacerbate dry eye symptoms. You can also ask your eye doctor about prescription eye drop options.

2. Air Quality

eye doctorDirt or pollen particles in the air can wreak havoc on your eyes. An air purifier, humidifier, or diffuser can help keep your air pristine and clean. A few drops of essential oil in a water diffuser can even add moisture and nutrients to the air to replenish your eyes.

3. Lighting

Whether you’re reading, working, or watching TV, use adequate lighting for the task you want to accomplish. Adjust the brightness on your computer screen or TV. If you’re reading, turn on a desk lamp or overhead lights. Soft lights like candlelight and dim yellow light tend to be easier on the eyes and reduce eye strain.



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