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3 Common Laptop Computer Issues February 14, 2020

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3 Common Laptop Computer Issues, Henderson, Nevada

Perfect in their portability and weight, laptops make it easy for people to do work, play games, or watch movies wherever they may be. Unfortunately, like any computer, over time, problems can pop up. Furthermore, because they're moved around so much, they're susceptible to damage that can further exacerbate the issue. However, before assuming you need computer repairs, there are always a few things you can try. Below are some of the most common laptop issues and some troubleshooting suggestions. 

3 Typical Laptop Issues

1. Overheating

Should the surface get hot to the touch and the fan too loud, then it's likely there are too many programs and processes running simultaneously. Quit any apps you're no longer using and give the computer a short rest until you hear the fan die down; a few minutes should suffice. Another aspect of this problem could be limited ventilation. When it's fully turned off, clear away any dust from the vents and ports. Use a compressed air duster or miniature vacuum cleaner designed for electronics for the best results. 

2. Won't Turn On Immediately

computer repairUsually, if your laptop doesn't turn on immediately and it's been unplugged, the battery is the issue. Unless you shut it down, closing it and leaving it unplugged for a few hours or days will cause the power to drain away slowly. Connecting it to a power source and charging for a few minutes should solve the problem; at the very least, you should be able to turn it on. If you're having problems keeping the battery charged, have a computer repair specialist examine your laptop. You may need to replace the battery or have another internal component fixed. 

3. Sensitive Trackpad

When you find yourself accidentally clicking things too many times or scrolling faster and further than you've intended, it's probably the trackpad's sensitivity. Thankfully, you can usually modify this in the settings. Different computers have different methods of accessing this; for example, with Apple® computers, this feature can be found in the "System Preferences" menu, under the "Trackpad" section. From there, select the "Point & Click" tab; you can now change the click force and the tracking speed. Play around with the settings until you find a combination you like. Note, if there are portions of your trackpad that seem unresponsive, you'll need computer repairs; the whole component may need to be replaced. 


If you're still encountering these laptop problems or any others, make a computer repair appointment at Experimax Henderson in Nevada. Known as the area's Apple and Mac® experts, they'll diagnose the issue and come up with a solution quickly. You can easily book an appointment online or by calling (702) 832-4895. In the event you may need an upgrade or a completely new device, they have a wide selection of high-quality used Mac computers! Whether you want a more recent model or an entirely different one, they'll have something for you.

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