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3 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home’s Exterior March 2, 2020

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3 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home’s Exterior, New Canaan, Connecticut

The beginning of spring is one of the best times to carry out a full-home cleaning. However, one area that often gets forgotten during spring cleanings is the house’s exterior. The elements were likely rough to your roof, siding, and gutters during the winter, so they probably need some attention now. In addition, sprucing the place up increases your property’s curb appeal and makes an excellent first impression. Here are three chores you should add to your spring cleaning list.

3 Exterior Areas To Spring Clean

1. Roof

A well-built roof lasts around 30 years. To get the full lifetime value, you need to clean your roof at least once a year, if not two depending on where you live and how much debris lands on it. Roof damage can be expensive if left ignored, but regular maintenance allows you to catch any problems while they’re still small. Missing or damaged shingles are one of the most common roof repairs after winter, and replacing these can prevent water damage and heat-energy loss.

sidingClogged gutters also contribute to water damage. A gutter’s purpose is to carry excess water away from the roof and the home’s foundations. When faced with a blockage, water can go nowhere except back into the roof or overflow onto the landscaping below.

2. Exterior Walls

Maintaining siding prevents water from getting inside and mold and mildew from growing outside. Powerwashing vinyl siding once a year removes dirt, uncovers cracks or damage before they’re unrepairable, and improves the appearance of your home. If you have wood siding, treat it every four years to keep it weatherproof. Remember to check less noticeable areas too. Wind can tear siding corners or pull drainpipes away. Over time, you’ll come to know whether one side of your home is more exposed to the elements than the others and can take care of it accordingly.

3. Landscaping

Damp and cold temperatures can cause havoc to your home’s foundations, pathways, driveways, and patios. Look out for any cracks, and if you see some, get them inspected straight away. If water gets inside, it can widen the crack and destabilize the surface. Damaged and uneven paving stones on pathways and patios can cause accidents, and if your driveway has deteriorated, it could damage your car. Powerwashing concrete areas keeps them clean and attractive while allowing you to spot any issues that need fixing quickly.



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