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3 Reasons to Open a Pool Before Summer Begins February 11, 2020

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3 Reasons to Open a Pool Before Summer Begins, 10, Illinois

Many people wait until the weather is warmer before opening their pools. This year, perhaps you should consider opening your pool earlier than you are used to. Opening your pool for the season before the large swing in temperatures can save you time and distress when it comes to swimming pool maintenance. Here’s what you should know.

Why Should You Open a Pool Early?

1. Limit Algae Growth

Wind, rain, and contaminated swimsuits all carry algae spores into pools. Without circulation and sanitation, water flooded with sunlight may bloom with rapidly multiplying green, slimy aquatic plants. Algae is unsightly and hard to get rid of.

A closed pool fuels algae growth due to the system not circulating or sanitizing. An early opening checks this growth and allows you to treat and stop this growth before the time of year when algae can bloom heavily under a covered pool. The pools that are opened earlier have significantly less algae growth than those opened later in the season, therefore taking much less time to clear for the season.  The earlier opening gives the pool time to be cleaned, treated and the equipment to do their job before you want to really start using your pool for the season.  Any pool chemistry issues are easier to address earlier in the season when the weather is cooler.

2. Have Time for Repairs

Any pool could have developed some problems over the long, cold season. Opening a pool early will help you spot issues that you can have a swimming pool maintenance professional address quickly and efficiently. When you’re ready to dive in, all of your equipment is functioning correctly and free from leaks, which can develop over the winter. If everything is not running correctly or you have leaking, an earlier opening will allow time to address and remedy those issues before you wish to use the pool on a regular basis or for a gathering that you wish to use the pool.  

Make sure your pool is swim-ready with the help of the swimming pool maintenance professionals at Destination Pools. Since 2008, this trusted company based in Columbia, IL, has provided clients with a full array of services, including pool construction, repairs, and maintenance. For more information, call them at (618) 281-7776, or visit them online to view a portfolio of their work.

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