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Charlie Chews handmade, all natural dog treats are the healthy & organic alternative to processed dog biscuits. All ingredients are locally sourced and the gourmet dog treats are handmade in Tribeca.

Charlie Chews Introduces Delicious All-Natural Dog Treats For Vegan Pups! June 13, 2014

Chelsea, Manhattan
Charlie Chews Introduces Delicious All-Natural Dog Treats For Vegan Pups!, Manhattan, New York

While all of Charlie Chews' all-natural dog treats are delicious to your dogs, some of your furry friends may not want to snack on meat all the time. If your dog is looking for a different taste, or if their diet calls for a change, Charlie Chews is proud to now offer vegan dog biscuits for their chewing pleasure!

Dogs are carnivores by nature, but they’ve evolved over time to become omnivores. This means that your dog can get nutrients from certain fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, and animal products. However, the trick to feeding your dog a more vegan diet is knowing which foods they can handle and which foods will hurt them.

Charlie Chews’ vegan PB & Apple Mint treats are 100 percent healthy for your pups, because they only include ingredients that your dog’s tummy will love! They’re made with mint, apple, carrot, organic peanut butter, water, barley, and rice flour. All of these ingredients are human grade, and provide your dog with necessary crude protein, fat, and fiber. There are no preservatives, no additives, and no chemicals in these all-natural dog treats!

These vegan and “doganic” dog treats are sure to make your pooch smile! Don’t forget all about Charlie Chews’ other delicious dog biscuit flavors, such as Free Range Chicken, Venison, Cow Heart, and Beef Liver. Buy bones, stars, and nuggets for your pup at Charlie Chews’ online store, or get a gift bag for your dog’s best friend and make their summer sweet! Additionally, you're able to find Charlie Chews in 67 stores around the greater New York area. For store locations, visit the boutique online and click on "Where to Buy!"