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Do's & Don’ts of Regular Auto Maintenance March 2, 2020

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Do's & Don’ts of Regular Auto Maintenance, Twin, Ohio

Owning a car has many perks—convenience, mobility, and independence, to name a few—but you must know how to take care of your vehicle. To keep it in top shape, invest in regular auto maintenance and quickly deal with necessary repairs. Knowing the following do’s and don'ts will allow you to get back on the road and extend your vehicle's life span.


Rotate your wheels.

Rotating your tires is a must, especially if you love long drives and road trips. This trick extends the service life of your tires and ensures safer driving by allowing your tires' tread to wear evenly.

Change your oil regularly.

auto maintenanceExperts recommend a standard oil change every 3,000 miles. Oil is responsible for lubricating the moving parts of your engine, reducing friction and ensuring safe function. Doing this not only allows your vehicle to operate with maximum performance, but it also prolongs your engine's life.


Dismiss your dashboard lights.

Your service lights warn you if there are problems with your engine, batteries, or tires. To avoid road accidents and keep your car's issues from getting worse, heed these signals. Make time for auto maintenance and repairs, tuneups, and inspections.

Cut corners through DIY repairs.

You may want to do the repairs yourself to save money. But if you are not familiar with your car's systems, you may further damage it and find yourself spending even more. Auto maintenance requires a mechanic's experience and expertise. You can depend on them for cost-effective and efficient solutions, rather than going for a quick but unreliable DIY repair.

If you need reliable auto maintenance services in Chillicothe, OH, depend on Top Quality Auto Parts & Accessories. For over 20 years, this auto repair shop has provided brake repairs, oil changes, auto tuneups, and other services to get their clients' vehicles back on the road. If you're in the market for auto accessories and parts such as tires, custom exhausts, and truck caps, their team can help you find what you need. For more information on their services, check out their website or call (740) 775-8111.

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