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Do's & Don'ts of Having a Water Well February 4, 2020

Dimmitt, Castro
Do's & Don'ts of Having a Water Well, Dimmitt, Texas

A water well is a reliable source of fresh, clean water if you live in an area where municipal water isn’t available. However, owning a water well puts the responsibility for water quality in your hands, and being unprepared could lead to contaminants in the drinking water. You should learn how to maintain it properly and always hire water well services for professional testing or construction. The guide below explains some do’s and don’ts of having a water well.


Choose the well location wisely.

If you’re installing a new well, the location is important, particularly if you have a septic system. If the systems aren’t separated according to regulation, waste from the drain field could contaminate the groundwater. The well should never be placed at the bottom of a slope, as rainwater could wash contaminants into the well.

Invest in yearly testing.

Because the water isn’t going through a water treatment facility before it reaches you, it’s essential to stay on top of water safety to protect your family and yourself. You should have the water well tested annually by a professional, who can determine whether bacteria, sediment, heavy metals, and other contaminants are present.


Drink it if the taste, appearance, or smell change unexpectedly.

Recognizing the signs of water well servicescontamination is important for water safety. If the water suddenly has an unpleasant odor, it may be due to the presence of sulfur bacteria or other contamination. A cloudy appearance or sediment floating in the water may indicate that the well has suspended solids in the water that need to be removed.

Abandon the well without following proper procedures.

Eventually, the well may dry up, requiring you to drill another one on the property. When that happens, the old well must be closed according to the state’s well abandonment regulations. Having a professional cap the well will reduce the likelihood of future injury or groundwater contamination.


For comprehensive water well services in Dimmitt, TX, and the Panhandle area, work with Conyers Well Service. They’re experts at drilling new wells, repairing well pumps, and designing irrigation systems for farms. To learn more about their water well services, visit their website, and call (806) 647-3215 to consult with a well expert.

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