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How Can I Make My Dog Less Anxious at the Clinic? March 6, 2020

Washington Heights, Manhattan
How Can I Make My Dog Less Anxious at the Clinic?, Manhattan, New York

Dogs commonly have anxiety when they go to the vet. Although the trip to the animal clinic is stressful for some dogs, there are a few steps you can take to help them feel positive about visiting the vet. Use the following tips to help your dog feel safe and comfortable before their next doctor visit.

4 Tips to Ease Your Dog’s Visit to the Vet

1. Take Them for Fun Rides

animal clinicDogs don’t usually go for car rides, and when they do, it’s because they’re going to the vet. Reduce your pet’s car ride anxiety by making it a fun experience for them. Take them to the dog park or on a road trip so they associate the car with a fun time. 

2. Visit the Vet Regularly

Animal clinics can be overwhelming for your pet because they usually only go there when they’re sick. Instead of taking them to the clinic when they need a health exam or shots, call ahead and ask the receptionists if you can stop by for a visit. They’ll give your pet treats and make them feel comfortable so that the next time they stop by, your furry friend won’t feel as anxious.

3. Reward Your Pup

Reward your pup before, during, and after the exam. While in the car, give them a treat that they don’t usually get at home, such as chicken nuggets or apples. While at the vet, hand them a bone or dry food so they can concentrate on what’s in their mouth. After the trip to the animal clinic, hand them another treat to associate the trip with a reward. 

4. Start Giving Practice Exams

To make your pup feel comfortable with a physical exam, touch sensitive parts, such as their ears, paws, and underbelly, to get them used to those areas being examined. Try to brush their teeth or hold their paw daily so they can become accustomed to those actions. If they’re comfortable with you examining them, then it’s likely that they’ll feel at ease when the vet gently checks those areas as well. 



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