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The Difference Between Select Cutting & High-Grading February 3, 2020

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The Difference Between Select Cutting & High-Grading, Hopewell, Ohio

Like sewing, cooking, and many other crafts, logging can be performed using different techniques. The technique you choose may be based on your needs or your preferences, but most decide between Select Cutting and High Grading. Use the following guide to learn the difference between these two methods, and why it’s essential when looking for a logging contractor.

The Truth About High-Grading

This logging practice was put into practice for its cost-effective nature. It requires the logging contractor to target and take down the best quality trees on a specific lot. The average and poor-quality trees are then left standing. The easiest way to remember this aggressive technique is “cut the best, leave the rest.” Unfortunately, the unwanted trees usually have some flaws—they may have grown slower than their neighbors, have stopped growing at a certain point, or have deformities. But since they’re the only trees left, they will reseed the lot, causing these flaws to live on and create disappointing forests.

The Difference With Select Cutting

logging contractorWith select cutting, logging contractors cut specific trees within a particular area that the client wishes to have removed. Then, they leave those outside the designated area untouched. For example, they may only remove trees with a 10-acre zone that you’ve marked out on a map. Instead of choosing based on quality, they want based on location, so as not to weed out and eliminate the best trees in the forest. Alternatively, a mix of poor, average, and high-quality trees are left behind to carry on a balanced wood.


If you’re interested in using this second method, turn to Morehouse Logging LLC of Thornville, OH, for your lot clearing needs. Kevin Morehouse and his team have over 25 years of experience and are dedicated to long-term forest health, as well as the safety of property owners. With their select cutting strategy, they work within 10 acres or more and leave trees without the zone intact. To learn more about their services, including tree pruning and stump removal, visit the website. You can also call (740) 501-0256 to request a free estimate for your project.

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