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3 Ways to Ease Sore Muscles After Martial Arts February 21, 2020

Scarsdale, Westchester
3 Ways to Ease Sore Muscles After Martial Arts, Scarsdale, New York


If you're new to martial arts, you may be experiencing the tell-tale signs of a good workout through tense or aching muscles. Over time, as your muscles and skills develop, you'll experience less pain, but those first few lessons might have you looking for the heating pad. If you’re experiencing muscle soreness, try the tips below to help ease aches and pains. 

How to Alleviate Muscle Pain After Martial Arts

1. Stretch Before & After Your Workout

Martial arts classes are physically demanding, requiring beginners to perform movements and exercises their muscles aren't familiar with. Stretching is an excellent way to prepare your muscles for a strenuous workout, improving your flexibility and helping you accomplish difficult techniques with less strain on your body. Stretching after your workout is equally important, as it can help increase circulation, reducing tightness, and alleviating stiffness.

2. Stay Hydrated

martial artsWhile drinking eight glasses of water a day is crucial, it's even more important to stay hydrated during and after a workout. While intense workouts like martial arts are an excellent way to introduce heart-healthy aerobics into your routine, excess sweating can lead to dehydration, which can not only make you sorer but potentially damage your muscles. To prevent this, keep your water bottle filled and handy during your workout, being mindful to drink extra water after your workout to make up for the fluid that was lost.

3. Remember to Rest

If you're just setting out on your martial arts journey, you may be tempted to push your limits, but allowing your body enough time to rest between workouts can help your muscles recover more quickly. Remember, resting your muscles doesn't have to mean sitting around the house. Light exercises such as walking, jogging, swimming, or cycling can all help promote blood circulation and reduce muscle soreness.



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