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How to Control Weeds in a Pasture February 3, 2020

Whiteville, Baxter
How to Control Weeds in a Pasture, Whiteville, Arkansas

Pastures provide abundant nutrients for grazing animals, but weeds can reduce the quality and quantity of edible plants in your fields. With early intervention, however, you can prevent weeds from spreading and eliminate further growth. The guide below reveals some of the most effective methods of weed control for pastures.

4 Tips for Weed Control in Pastures

1. Evaluate the Pasture

Before taking any action, evaluate the extent of your weed problem. If you only find a few small weeds, handle them as soon as possible to ensure they don’t seed. Weeds can take over pastures quickly and choke out desirable vegetation.

Remember that weeds are just undesirable plants, so different species may require separate courses of action. Identify the species you’re dealing with before implementing weed control measures.

2. Prevent Overgrazing

One often forgotten cause of weed growth is overgrazing. If a pasture is not large enough to support your animals, desirable vegetation rapidly depletes in place of weeds.

To correct this problem, you can either acquire more land for grazing, reduce your livestock, or rotate animals to different pastures while overgrazed fields grow back.

3. Apply Herbicide

weed controlWhen used correctly, commercial herbicides can quickly and efficiently eliminate unwanted vegetation. Choose herbicides specialized for the types of weeds you’re dealing with.

If your pasture is plagued by many different species, select a broad-spectrum option for a more cost-effective solution. Always read labels for application instructions and grazing restrictions. You don’t want your livestock to feed on recently sprayed weeds, which can still contain toxins as they decay.

4. Mow Early on

If the problem is still small or the weeds are not actively growing, mowing can also be an effective method of prevention.

Mow as close to the ground as possible before the weeds are able to make and spread seeds. Certain types of weeds produce seeds below cutting height, however, so you may not stop all growth.


Do your pastures have uncontrollable weeds that make it harder for your livestock to graze? Gregg Farm Services of Gassville, AR, carries a broad selection of effective weed control solutions for farmers, gardeners, and animal owners alike. Their knowledgeable, attentive team is dedicated to helping you select the best products for your property, whether you need herbicide, livestock feed, or farm equipment. Check their website to get an idea of their available farm supplies. If you have any questions, call (870) 481-5165 to speak with a friendly staff member.

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