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3 Advantages of a Paver Patio January 31, 2020

Cranston, Providence County
3 Advantages of a Paver Patio, Cranston, Rhode Island

If you want an attractive place for outdoor entertaining for the spring, it’s best to start planning your patio project now. While there are many choices to consider when it comes to materials, consider hiring a paving company to install pavers. Here’s a list of the advantages that pavers provide, so you can decide if this is the right option for you.

What Are the Benefits of a Paver Patio? 

1. Durability 

Once your paving company installs pavers at the base of your patio, you may be wondering how long it will last. Luckily, most high-quality stone pavers can last up to 25 years or more. This will allow your family and guests to enjoy the patio for years to come before you notice any signs of wear and tear. 

2. Strength Under Pressure 

Paving CompanyAnother advantage that stone pavers provide is that they can stand up to the pressure from heavy items and frequent use. While your paving company can give you exact specifications for the type of pavers you choose, they will all be able to withstand constant pressure.

This means you can place a grill, patio furniture, and heavier items on the new patio without worrying about the pavers cracking or breaking. This is especially helpful in winter because you can use the space as a temporary storage area.

3. Routine Care 

Whether you choose cobblestone or another material, care is simple. For loose debris like leaves or dirt, just sweep it off the surface. For spills and stains, wash the patio floor with a hose.

You can also ask your contractor to apply a sealant too, which will make caring for the pavers even easier. The sealant will keep debris from eroding the stones, while also giving the patio an even more attractive appearance.


When building a patio, you want to choose a paving company that will provide you with an excellent quality of service. Beausoleil & Sons Construction, Inc. is located in Cranston, RI, and has 40 years of experience providing quality paving services to customers throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and California. You can learn more about their services by visiting their website. To schedule an appointment for an estimate, call (401) 632-0203.

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