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The History of the Tooth Fairy March 2, 2020

The History of the Tooth Fairy, Anchorage, Alaska

Dental care has its own cultural icon: the Tooth Fairy. Although she’s one of the most recognizable figures in modern folklore, many people don’t know how she came to such prominence. If your little one is starting to lose their first teeth, here are some facts to better equip you to play this role when the time comes.

Early Versions of Dental Care Rituals 

In the Middle Ages, Europeans burned baby teeth, believing that it would protect children from witches and guarantee comfortable afterlives. Ancient civilizations across Europe and Latin America offered these teeth to mice in hopes of improving their health. Vikings allegedly gave money to children for their baby teeth, then proceeded to wear them as good luck charms in battle. 

In one way or another, baby teeth have always held special meaning, which created the foundation for the development of the Tooth Fairy. 

The Development of the Modern-Day Tooth Fairy 

dental careThe Tooth Fairy continues the tradition of rewarding children for lost baby teeth. She’s also meant to comfort kids who are distressed when their teeth fall out.  

The first modern record of the Tooth Fairy role was written by Lillian Brown for the 1908 issue of the Chicago Daily Tribune. In the decades following Brown’s suggestion, cartoons grew in popularity, so fantastical concepts became more widely embraced.

The fact that the U.S. enjoyed an enormous boost in wealth after World War II may also have played a factor, allowing more parents to indulge their little ones. Today, this tradition helps young children learn about dental care in a fun way.

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