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4 Strategies to Prevent Work-Related Back Pain February 4, 2020

Platteville, Grant
4 Strategies to Prevent Work-Related Back Pain, Platteville, Wisconsin

Moving heavy loads, completing repetitive activities, and long bouts of inactivity can cause significant issues for your lower back. Sensations like dull aches or sharp, stabbing pain can impede your ability to focus and be productive at work. If you are dealing with these issues regularly, consider the following four strategies to prevent lower back pain and relieve stress on your back.

How to Prevent Back Pain at Work

1. Consume a Healthy Diet

Osteoporosis is a deterioration of bone strength, which can contribute to lower back pain. Calcium and vitamin D-rich foods like spinach, almonds, and salmon should be eaten regularly to help prevent the development of osteoporosis. A consistent, healthy diet encourages regulated blood pressure, hormone levels, and energy supply, which puts you at a lower risk of serious injury, or chronic lower back pain.

2. Exercise

lower back painA combination of aerobic and weight-bearing exercise allows the body to be prepared for your body positioning at work. An exercise that strengthens your back and abdomen helps align your posture and will enable you to move with control and intention. If you have to sit for long hours, a strong posture will help balance out your weight and alleviate stress on the lower back. Yoga or tai chi practice helps to regulate and control your ability to take deep breaths. Your diaphragm controls breathing, and when this muscle gets tight from shallow breathing, it contributes to lower back pain by pulling at the spine.

3. Practice Good Posture

Good posture structurally aligns the bones and joints in the body, thus creating a healthy, balanced body. When working at a desk, you may tend to slouch as the day goes on. This action negatively affects your posture by compressing the lungs and internal organs, tightening the front-body muscles, and over-stretching the back muscles. Improper posture puts unhealthy pressure on structures and muscles that result in limited blood flow and a slower healing process. Extreme and chronic slouching compresses the spinal vertebrae, which can lead to severe dysfunctions like spinal disc degeneration and chronic lower back pain.

4. Listen to Your Body

If you find yourself in pain at work, assess your surroundings and regular activities for ways to improve your routine. Modify any repetitive tasks that take a toll on your lower back, like moving hard-to-reach items closer to avoid strain. If you’re in pain, take breaks to stretch your muscles. Taking walks around the office during your breaks offers a low-impact strengthening exercise for your legs, back, and glutes and provides support to your lower back.


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