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3 Possible Causes of Discoloration in Your Water February 3, 2020

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3 Possible Causes of Discoloration in Your Water, Washingtonville, New York

If the color of your drinking water changes, the causes could be related to underlying problems a plumber should address. Discolored water could contain different contaminants, which can lead to issues such as stains and health issues. Below are three of the most common causes of discolored water. Several contaminants can get into the liquid along the way and change its color, including those listed here. 

3 Contaminants that Change Water Color

1. Rust

Rust contamination will turn clear water a reddish-brown or orange hue. In homes with old water pipes, iron deposits can flake off and flow through faucets with the liquid. This is often the case when old galvanized pipes run through a property. If rust only comes out of certain faucets, the pipes in your home are corroded. If water out of all fixtures is rust-colored, there could be a problem with municipal equipment. Although iron won’t cause health problems, it can stain sinks, toilets, and shower stalls.

2. Hard Minerals

plumberHomeowners often find traces of calcium and magnesium in the water. At high levels, the hard minerals can cause the liquid to look cloudy. The deposits can accumulate in water pipes and drain lines, causing major clogs. Buildup in faucet aerators can affect water pressure as well. Due to the plumbing problems hard minerals cause, many people choose to install water softeners to replace the ions with potassium or sodium, which won’t cause harm. 

3. Dirt

Dirt can settle in water service lines. When you set the pressure on high, gushing water breaks apart the dirt so it can flow through faucets. Dirt and sediment give the liquid a yellow or brown tint. Organic material could contain bacteria and other substances that could cause illness. Your plumber can clean the system and install filtration equipment to keep contaminants out of the supply.



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