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How to Find a Reliable Car Mechanic March 27, 2020

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How to Find a Reliable Car Mechanic, Amber-Cheney South, Washington

As a vehicle owner, finding a reliable car mechanic should be a top priority. Hiring a trusted technician helps you save on costs otherwise spent on unnecessary servicing and botched repairs. There are many skilled professionals to choose from, but you will need to find the best mechanic for your specific needs. Below are some steps you can take before hiring a professional.  

4 Tips for Hiring a Great Mechanic

1. Get Referrals

The fastest way to find a trustworthy car mechanic is through referrals. Chances are, your friends or family know someone who does excellent work on vehicles. Ask about their frequented auto repair shop and preferred technician, and their experience. Personal reviews are often more reliable compared to anonymous feedback left online.

2. Do Your Research

You should consider word-of-mouth recommendations, but it pays to do your research, too. Look for auto repair shops where businesses take their commercial fleet for servicing. This means they’re reliable enough to take on larger jobs. You should also consider other facilities that specialize in a particular vehicle brand or make, indicating their expertise and experience on specific builds and models.

You can even take your search online by scouring forums and checking out the vetted list from manufacturers and trusted organizations like the AAA and ASE. Find out their specific certifications so you can have a list of potential candidates.  

3. Ask the Right Questions

car mechanicOnce you’ve narrowed down your qualified car mechanics, take the time to visit their shop and ask a few questions. Start with their experience and credentials. You should first ask if they are ASE-certified. If they are, it means they’ve passed the exam and requirements for delivering quality service. Look for further training and advanced qualifications, which can be handy when you need comprehensive repairs. Although years of experience suggest their longevity in the business, it isn’t always a strong measurement of their expertise.  

Ask if their shop has insurance or offers a warranty on repairs to cover unforeseen problems stemming from their work. Lastly, don’t forget to look around the facility to see how organized and professional they are.

4. Test out the Waters

Before fully entrusting your vehicle to a mechanic, start with small jobs first to gauge your experience with them. Take it for an oil change or brake service as a way to establish your working relationship and build trust. But if you’re in a bind and need repairs quickly, do a bit of homework on the possible solutions or troubleshooting. Arming yourself with knowledge is the first line of defense and prevents you from falling prey to dishonest services.  


Follow the above tips when looking for a reliable car mechanic. If you’re in Cheney, WA, you can turn to the ASE-certified mechanics at Daves Auto. This NAPA AutoCare has provided an extensive range of top-notch auto repair and maintenance services to motorists throughout the surrounding communities since 1979. Call (509) 235-6123 for free estimates or visit them online for more information.

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