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Will Drug Charges Impact My Child's Eligibility for Financial Aid? February 19, 2020

Foley, Baldwin
Will Drug Charges Impact My Child's Eligibility for Financial Aid?, Foley, Alabama

When young adults go to college, they may qualify for financial support from the government and other sources. While one’s eligibility for aid is mostly based on economic need, some criminal charges—including those involving drugs—may also impact the official decision. If your child is attending college and is charged with a drug crime, here’s how it may complicate their ability to pay their tuition.

How Can Drug Crime Charges Affect Financial Aid?

When students fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) they must answer whether or not they have been convicted of a drug crime—such as possession or distribution—while receiving aid. If they have, they must complete a worksheet to determine if, and how much, the charges impact their ability to receive aid. Depending on the specifics, they may be suspended from receiving federal financial support—including work-study, grants, and loans.

Financial aid not affiliated with the government—such as scholarships—may have individual rules regarding eligibility and drug charges. Charges that occur while a child was not receiving aid shouldn’t impact future eligibility.

Will My Child Be Eligible for Financial Aid Again?

drug crimeWhile financial aid may be suspended due to drug charges, it can be resumed after a determined period. Some may be able to reduce this period by completing a qualifying drug rehabilitation program. Passing two unannounced professionally-administered drug tests can also reestablish eligibility.

What Happens When Drug Convictions Occur After FAFSA Is Submitted?

If drug charges arise after a FAFSA has been accepted, your child should report the incident to their financial aid office to find out if support will be suspended. In addition to losing funds, students may also be responsible for paying used funds back.  

What Should I Do If My Child Is Facing Drug Charges?

If your child is facing drug-related charges, they should seek legal support as soon as possible. Skilled criminal defense attorneys can help students fight charges to possibly have them reduced or eliminated so as not to impair financial aid eligibility. They can also help clients seek other solutions to help them maintain eligibility or shorten the period of suspended financial aid.


When your college student is facing drug crime charges, Angela L Walker PC Law Office is qualified to provide legal support. Serving clients in Foley, AL, this criminal defense attorney will utilize their in-depth knowledge of Alabama drug laws to prepare a strong defense. Taking a personalized approach, this professional will help you explore options to reduce or eliminate charges. To learn more about these services, visit this legal office online or call (251) 970-2575.

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