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A Guide to Separation Anxiety in Dogs January 30, 2020

Royse City, Hunt
A Guide to Separation Anxiety in Dogs, Royse City, Texas

Dogs are loyal, loving companions who will always enjoy your company. Unfortunately, some dogs get distressed while their owners are away. This can happen at any time, such as when pets are left at home alone, dropped off at a dog boarding facility, or left with friends and family members. The following guide will help you determine if your pet has separation anxiety, as well as offer solutions to ease their fears.

What Are the Symptoms of Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety comes in many forms. The primary symptoms are destructive tendencies and behavioral changes. Common signs include digging and scratching at window and door frames, complaints about barking and howling from neighbors, accidents in house-trained dogs, as well as the destruction of furniture and personal belongings.

Although many of these behaviors will be apparent when you return, you may notice some symptoms before you leave as well. If you have a typical routine, such as putting on shoes by the door and grabbing your keys from a hook, your pooch may have caught on. Dogs with separation anxiety might whine and follow you more closely than usual if they notice you preparing to leave.

How Can You Prevent Separation Anxiety?

dog boardingWhile you can’t necessarily eliminate separation anxiety, there are many ways to soothe your pet’s nerves. If you’re going out of town, dog boarding will ensure your pet receives qualified supervision and plenty of socialization. Make sure to leave the staff with everything your pet needs to be happy and comfortable. This should include their normal food, medications, treats, toys, and bedding that smells like home.

Whether you’re at work, running errands, or having a night out with friends, there are many situations where you’d need to leave your dog at home alone for a short time. The key is to build up to longer periods of solitude. Start by leaving for 10 to 20 minutes at a time, then gradually work your way up to a few hours. Stay calm during your departure and return. Over a few months, your dog may become accustomed to your absence. Even if they aren’t overjoyed about it, they will at least be better equipped to cope.


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