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3 Ways to Prepare for a Commercial Inspection February 20, 2020

Huntington, Huntington
3 Ways to Prepare for a Commercial Inspection, Huntington, New York

If you're selling your small business or upgrading to a new space, you may need to hire a building inspector to assess the condition of the property and ensure its safety and compliance with necessary guidelines. This process can be quite involved, including analyses of the electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling systems, and more. To prepare for your inspection and guarantee optimal results, follow these steps.

What to Do Before a Commercial Inspection

1. Make Sure It’s Accessible

The building inspector's job is to evaluate the entirety of the property thoroughly. That includes checking the insulation in crawlspaces and attics, assessing the condition of the landscape and grading, and investigating the roof for signs of damage. To make their job simpler, ensure all of these spots are easily visible and accessible. For example, create clear pathways to the stairs leading to the roof, and ensure the basement is quick to reach. Also, if you have thick vegetation, trim it so your inspector can easily get to the side of the building.

2. Handle Minor Repairs

building inspectorIf you know there are small damages in your building, take care of them in advance. Perform a walkthrough before the visit, so you have time to resolve minor repairs, such as dripping faucets or missing door handles. These aren't necessarily deal-breaking problems that could affect a sale, but it'll be easier to handle more pressing concerns if you tackle these first.

3. Clear Away the Clutter

While clutter won't necessarily affect the building inspector's findings, it can impact their ability to safely and seamlessly move from one space to another. If the technician takes photographs for their report, clutter both inside and outside the property could also be a deterrent. As you perform your initial walkthrough of the property, put items in their rightful places. Additionally, avoid leaving large pieces of equipment or vehicles directly outside on the day of the inspection.


If you need a reliable building inspector to thoroughly examine your small business before you sell, turn to the professionals at New Home Inspectors in Huntington Station, NY. Proudly serving business owners and homeowners throughout Long Island, these experts perform comprehensive checks designed to reveal as much information as possible. Visit them online for more details about their building inspections, or call (631) 368-1800 to schedule an appointment.

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