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3 Safety Tips for for First-Time Motorcyclists February 11, 2020

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3 Safety Tips for for First-Time Motorcyclists, Jamestown, New York

Motorcycles are fun, exciting ways to get around. Sadly, they are more dangerous than other vehicles. While your motorcycle insurance will cover your losses if you’re involved in an accident, taking a few safety precautions can help you avoid these difficult situations in the first place. Below are a few key safety tips for first-time motorcyclists.

A Safety Guide for New Bikers

1. Wear Your Safety Gear

motorcycle insuranceHelmets are required in New York and many other states, so not wearing one might get you pulled over and cause a spike in your motorcycle insurance premiums.

However, they’re also the single most effective step you can take to protect yourself in an accident. Along with your helmet, you should always wear proper boots, gloves, and padded clothes designed to prevent road rash and other injuries.

2. Take a Motorcycle Safety Course

An approved motorcycle safety course can help you build the skills to detect threats and avoid accidents. In these courses, you’ll learn what causes most motorcycle crashes and how to avoid losing control of your bike on curvy, rough roads.

These courses are so effective that motorcycle insurance companies usually offer a discount for riders who’ve successfully passed.

3. Don’t Ride in Inclement Weather

Snow, rain, and poor visibility make even familiar road hazardous, increasing the chances that your bike will slide out of control. New motorcyclists don’t have the experience to deal with poor weather, so the safest approach is to leave the bike at home if it’s raining or snowing.


Since 1935, Bryan Nelson Ives-Johnson Agency INS has helped drivers and motorcyclists throughout Western New York protect themselves from the unexpected. Whether you just bought your first bike or have been riding for years, their team of agents are dedicated to ensuring you get the coverage you need at the best possible price. Visit their website for more on their policy options, or call (716) 488-1191 to request your free motorcycle insurance quote.

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