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4 Questions to Ask While Apartment Hunting January 31, 2020

Conway East, Horry
4 Questions to Ask While Apartment Hunting, Conway East, South Carolina

Whether you’re living alone for the first time, looking for roommates, or moving in with your partner, apartment hunting can be a challenge. After you’ve determined the fundamental factors like budget, preferred neighborhood, and transportation options, you must also assess the individual properties on their own merits. Thankfully, there are a handful of questions that you can ask to make the process much easier.

What You Should Ask When Apartment Hunting

Are utilities included? 

Aside from the rent itself, your utilities will probably be your highest monthly cost. The landlord should tell you which you’ll have to cover on your own. However, they may not reveal the average price per month upfront. Try to find complexes or properties that have a standard rate on utilities or will provide you with an estimate of monthly charges.

Is this a pet-friendly apartment? 

apartment hunting Vernon, CT Myrtle Beach, SCIf you currently have a furry family member or have been planning to take one in soon, don’t hesitate to ask this question when apartment hunting! Inquire about the policies, fees, types of animals allowed, and if there are any restricted areas. Additionally, if you’re speaking to someone in person or on the phone about it, take note of the way they answer. Even if it’s technically a pet-friendly apartment, if they seem annoyed or dismissive, that could pose a minor problem for you in the future. 

What should I do if there’s a maintenance issue? 

No matter how careful you are, at some point, a faucet will drip, or the furnace will get noisy. When these things happen, you need to know the protocol for handling it. Some landlords have different procedures for emergencies and general repairs, so it’s essential to understand the distinctions. Look for properties with on-site maintenance and 24/7 emergency assistance in the event of flooding or malfunctioning plumbing.

Where do large packages get delivered? 

In some buildings, anything that doesn’t fit in the primary mailbox will get sent to an office room that’s only accessible during certain hours. In others, packages are left on the floor in front of the mailboxes. If it’s the latter and you tend to get parcels delivered, you may want to look elsewhere or consider opening a PO box or working with a nearby mailing services business to store packages. 


If you’re planning to go apartment hunting in either Vernon, CT, or Myrtle Beach, SC, give A1 Properties a call. For more than 15 years, their attentive team has matched residents with the perfect rentals for them. Whether you’re looking for a spacious pet-friendly apartment unit or just a one-bedroom, they’ll help you find what fits your lifestyle and budget. You can see what they have available on their website, but if you have any questions, feel free to call their Connecticut office at (860) 490-5205 or their South Carolina branch at (843) 742-5165.

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