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Most Common Reasons Hydraulic Hoses Fail January 31, 2020

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Most Common Reasons Hydraulic Hoses Fail, Morehead, Kentucky

There are many industries where a hydraulic hose may come in handy. Whether in the automotive or manufacturing fields, these units can provide years of reliable use. However, though they’re designed to be robust, they can still fail due to a few common causes.

5 Reasons Your Hydraulic Hose Could Fail

1. Abrasions 

Though thicker than standard hoses like garden variants, these hoses can still suffer abrasions. Since they’re used in intensive applications alongside heavy equipment, it isn’t uncommon for them to rub up against sharp machine edges or even get run over by work vehicles. When this happens, the cut could eventually lead to leaks.

2. Excess Bending

All hoses are built to be malleable to some degree, but the thicker nature of these hoses means their bend radius is smaller. When this is exceeded occasionally, it usually isn’t a big deal. However, repeated instances can result in kinks, which eventually cause breaks in the material.

3. Contamination 

Hydraulic HoseFrom tiny dirt particles to metal scraps, a lot of debris can settle inside a hose. Using a hose cleaning kit, you can flush out the inside before using the hose in any work applications. If the contamination isn’t cleaned out, the debris can do damage to the hose from the inside, potentially resulting in multiple leaks.

4. Excess Heat

Whether they’re used to pump a high volume of hot air, or they’re too close to hot machinery, a hydraulic hose can become damaged when the temperature gets too high. As the plasticizers in the elastomer casing get hard, they grow brittle and eventually crack, compromising the unit.

5. Dry Air

If a hose is pumping air, make sure it isn’t too dry. Dry air can cause the inner part of the hose to develop cracks that are almost impossible to spot until they cause a problem. To avoid this issue, buy a hose rated for dry air (EPDM or PKR rubber) or raise the air’s dew level.


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