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3 Tips for Finding a Reliable Paving Contractor February 17, 2020

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3 Tips for Finding a Reliable Paving Contractor, East Earl, Pennsylvania

If you’re looking for a paving contractor, choosing the right professional is essential. Working with unqualified technicians can result in low-quality work or unfair pricing. Fortunately, there are a few ways to ensure the company you choose is both honest and competent. 

How to Hire a Reliable Paving Contractor

1. Check for Licensing

A reliable contractor is always licensed to work in your area. A license ensures that the professionals have proven their knowledge and competence by passing exams. Before signing any agreements, check their license status with the license board in your county

2. Study the Contract Carefully

paving-contractorRegardless of what kind of work you need, you should always take the time to study a contract before signing it. A reliable contractor will allow you to take this time.

Be skeptical of “limited-time” deals and warnings that certain repairs can’t wait until you review the agreement. If a professional pressures you to sign before you’ve had the time to read the documentation, it’s wise to choose another contractor.

3. Make Sure They Request All Permits

You should also make sure that they’re willing to pull permits for the work you’re hiring them for. When a contractor requests a permit for a job, they become legally responsible for the work and anything that happens onsite.

If the company insists that you request the permit instead, they might be unlicensed. Check their license status to guarantee reliable results.


If you’re looking for a paving contractor you can trust, turn to Lyons & Hohl Paving in East Earl, PA. For over 29 years, this paving contractor has served both residential and commercial clients. Whether you need asphalt repairs or a bigger driveway, they will get the job done right. Learn more about the team’s qualifications online or call (717) 355-9219 to start a project. 

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