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Your Guide to Removing Old Kitchen or Bathroom Tile February 19, 2020

Odessa, Ector
Your Guide to Removing Old Kitchen or Bathroom Tile, Odessa, Texas

If you’re a homeowner who enjoys the challenge of DIY projects, consider installing a new tile floor. Not only can this beautify a room, but it will enable low-maintenance cleanup for the life span of the material. Before you put down kitchen or bathroom tile though, you’ll need to remove the current flooring. The guide below explains how to do so safely.

3 Steps for Removing a Tile Floor

1. Prepare for the Project

Having all the right gear on hand before you start can reduce project delays and the amount of time your bathroom or kitchen is out of commission. A floor scraper, chisel, sturdy hammer, and paint scraper are all must-haves. You can also rent a small demo hammer to make your project faster.

Because the tile may chip as you remove it, safety gear is necessary as well. A high-quality particle mask, glasses, and gloves should always be worn while you’re working.

Prepare the project area by sealing doorways and air vents into that room with plastic drop sheet to minimize the amount of dust that escapes.

2. Break the Floor

bathroom tileNow it’s time for the demo work. Hit one of the tiles in the center with a hammer to shatter it. This will allow you to access the underside of the tile and lift it with the chisel.

Depending on the age of the floor and the condition of the adhesive, you may be able to remove multiple tiles at once. If the adhesive is firmly set, though, you may have to chisel the tile out slowly. Once the tile is up, remove any underlayment so you’re down to the wooden subfloor.

3. Clean the Subfloor

For your new kitchen or bathroom tile to adhere correctly, the underlying surface must be smooth and clean. This process doesn’t require as much brute strength as the previous step, but it does take careful attention to detail.

Using the scraper, clean off any remaining adhesive, tapping the scraper with a hammer to remove stubborn patches. Then you’re ready to sweep the floor clean and prep for the new flooring.


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