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3 Tips for Keeping a Baby Calm in a Restaurant February 18, 2020

Danbury, Fairfield County
3 Tips for Keeping a Baby Calm in a Restaurant, Danbury, Connecticut

For many parents with young children, eating out at a restaurant can be a little daunting. While concerns about your little one’s behavior are understandable, you can still enjoy the tasty convenience of a meal away from home. Below are a few tips to help make the experience as simple and calm as possible. 

A Parent's Guide to Dining Out With a Baby

1. Choose a Family-Friendly Restaurant

When selecting a restaurant, find an establishment accustomed to hosting kids and families. They'll have all the essentials you need to get through the visit, like high chairs and crayons. The staff members will be delighted to entertain your little one. They’ll also have the experience needed to accommodate their needs.

When your baby is occupied and comfortable, they’re more likely to remain calm. Also, other patrons know what to expect at a family-friendly restaurant, so no need to worry if your baby feels a little fussy. 

2. Think Ahead

restaurantOnce everyone in the family sits down and gets situated, baby-proof the table. Move salt and pepper shakers, ketchup and mustard bottles, sugar packets, and utensils out of your baby's grasp.

Looking at the menu ahead of time can help you order quickly and keep impatient little ones satisfied. Request the check when the server delivers the food in case your family needs to leave in a rush.

3. Bring Diversions

Pack a few small toys to help hold your baby's attention before, during, and after the meal. A stuffed animal, board books, or a small, quiet toy are all possible distractions.

Bring along a bottle or baby food in case they get hungry. If they're older and on solid food, bring a baggie of sugar-free cereal and let them have a few handfuls to keep them content. 


These tips will ensure a smooth restaurant visit for you and your family. Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar happily welcomes diners of all ages. Located in West Nyack, NY, they have a full menu of classic American food, from wings and burgers to appetizers and desserts. They have locations all around the country, including 19 across New York and Connecticut. Call (845) 480-7344 or visit their website to learn more about their menu.