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What to Know About Tire Pressure March 2, 2020

Elizabethtown, Hardin
What to Know About Tire Pressure, Elizabethtown, Kentucky

During winter, you may see the tire pressure warning light on your vehicle’s dashboard. Even if you monitor the pressure as part of regular auto care, this happens because tires lose air whenever temperatures drop. Below is a guide to what else you should know about your tires.

The Importance of Tire Pressure

Auto care specialists emphasize how crucial the correct tire pressure in your vehicle is. That’s because over- and under-inflation can lead to costly problems and repairs.

  • Uneven Tire Wear: An under-inflated tire will have a wider surface area contacting the pavement, wearing out the treads much quicker than the expected life span. Moreover, over-inflated tires often exhibit an uneven wear pattern, which can impact the rubber’s grip and traction on the road.

  • Reduced Handling: Over-inflation can impact your vehicle’s handling and braking capacity—since there’s less of your tire on the road, it reduces your ability to control the car. It’s a safety hazard that makes you more prone to accidents.

  • Less Fuel Efficiency: Failure to inflate your tires according to recommended pressures translates to lower gas mileage as well. Your engine consumes more fuel as it works harder at moving your vehicle forward with under-inflated tires.

  • Increased Risk of Blowouts: Most blowouts happen due to incorrect tire pressure, and under-inflation is the primary culprit. Without enough air inside, the tire can overheat from uneven contact and burst from too much heat.

How Often Should You Check Pressure?

auto careEven if your vehicle has a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), check the air at least once every month as part of your auto care routine.

Invest in a quality tire gauge, allowing you to check all tires before heading out. Don’t forget the spare in your trunk, too. Compare the pressure readings from your tire to the recommended pounds per square inch (PSI) in your owner’s manual and inflate them accordingly. Refrain from referencing the indicated pressure on tires—it’s often the maximum limit and not the ideal. Also, avoid checking the pressure after driving or parking the vehicle under direct sunlight as this can yield inaccurate readings.


Include monitoring tire pressure as part of your vehicle’s routine upkeep. For quality professional auto care, trust the skilled auto mechanics at All Around Auto Care. Located in Elizabethtown, KY, they’ve provided top-notch car maintenance and repair services across Hardin County for over a decade. View their full list of services online or call (270) 737-9954 with any questions.

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