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What to Do If You Break a Bone February 19, 2020

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What to Do If You Break a Bone, Fairbanks, Alaska

Breaking a bone in an accident or while playing sports can be stressful and disorientating. However, you’ll need to take action to receive the appropriate medical care. Here’s what you should do to address the situation before you get to the hospital emergency room. 

4 Steps to Follow After Breaking a Bone

1. Call Emergency Medical Care

After the injury occurs, assess your well-being. If the break is incredibly painful, there’s heavy bleeding, or you’re unable to move, call 911 for immediate assistance and an ambulance. For less severe fractures where you’re able to move, recruit someone to drive you to the hospital right away for medical attention. 

2. Stop Bleeding

HospitalIf the fracture is causing heavy bleeding, apply pressure to the wound until you get to the hospital. If you have a sterile bandage or first aid kit with gauze and bandages handy, use that. Otherwise, grab a piece of clothing or a clean towel and use it to apply pressure. 

3. Set the Injury

While it may be tempting to try and move or realign a broken bone, this process can do more harm than good without the assistance of a doctor. Instead, focus on immobilizing or setting the injury. A makeshift splint fashioned from rope and a stick, broom handle, or even a rolled-up newspaper will help stabilize the bone, reducing pain and preventing further injury until you get to the hospital. 

4. Apply Ice & Remain Calm

As you wait for medical care or commute to the emergency room, apply ice to reduce any swelling and help control pain. Breaking a bone can be a stressful experience, so try to breathe deeply and evenly. If you feel faint or have difficulty breathing, inform those around you so they can monitor your wellness and help provide calming support. 


If you’ve fractured a bone or require emergency medical care for another reason, Fairbanks Clinic, Inc. is ready to provide immediate support. Since opening in 1932, this hospital has served residents of all ages throughout the community. To schedule an appointment, call today at (907) 452-1761. For more information on their services and commitment to convenient care through their online Patient Portal, visit their website.