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A Guide to Fixing Squeaky Floors February 7, 2020

West Whitfield, Whitfield
A Guide to Fixing Squeaky Floors, West Whitfield, Georgia

Squeaky noises can take away from the enjoyment of your flooring. Although it can affect any type of surface, hardwood floors and staircases are typically the most vulnerable. Here’s why this happens and how to resolve the issue.

What Causes Floors to Squeak?

Underneath the main flooring material is subflooring and joists, which are designed to provide structural support. Over time, however, components can rub against each other and lead to annoying squeaks.

hardwood floorsDry air can cause floors to contract and then return to their positioning when humidity levels normalize. They’ll be looser, though, which can lead to squeaking noises. Water damage is also a leading cause; when moisture seeps below the surface, it can cause the joists to rot, which, in turn, may contribute to unpleasant sounds.

How to Fix a Squeaky Floor

If you can access the space underneath the affected flooring from a basement or crawlspace, you can place a wood shim, or a sleek wooden spacer, in-between the floorboard and the joist. Test it to make sure that it stops the squeak, then pull the shim out, apply wood-glue on it, and position it.

You can also apply a liquid bonding product, such as an adhesive used in construction. Use at least a quarter of an inch of beading on each joist side so that it can sit securely to the hardwood floors above it. Keep in mind that it will take approximately two days for the substance to cure.

Sometimes it’s not possible to access the floorboards from below. In that case, add a lubricant to the surface. Common options include talcum powder and powdered graphite. Apply a liberal amount of your chosen product directly to the affected area, then use a towel to work it directly into the surface.

You might need to add a second application to see results. Also, position steel push points into the gaps between the hardwood floor boards. These little triangles are typically used during window installations, but are barely visible on flooring and can be driven into place with a putty knife.

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