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Can Winter Weather Lead to Transmission Repairs? February 4, 2020

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Can Winter Weather Lead to Transmission Repairs?, Newark, Ohio

With cold temperatures and icy roadways, winter can be hard on your vehicle. While you might think the transmission is relatively safe in the winter due to a reduced risk of overheating, the season can actually result in performance problems that could lead to major transmission repairs. Here’s what you need to know about protecting your transmission during the winter.

How Does Winter Affect the Transmission?

transmission repairCold weather will cause the transmission’s internal parts to contract, which can increase the risk for excess wear or fluid leaks. At extremely cold temperatures, the transmission fluid may no longer lubricate system parts, resulting in additional wear. This will make it harder to shift gears or result in delayed shifting. The added pressure on the system increases the risk of other repair problems.

If water has gotten into the transmission system, it poses a risk of causing serious damage to the internal components if it freezes. If the valve body or case gets cracked by freezing water, the transmission will need to be replaced.

How Do You Protect the Transmission?

Protecting your transmission during the winter will require a few changes to your driving habits. Keep your vehicle in a warm garage to mitigate the impact of cold weather. You may also wish to switch to a synthetic transmission fluid that is more resistant to freezing temperatures. 

Giving the engine time to warm up after you start the car and then driving slower for your first few miles on the road can also help the transmission warm up to safe temperatures. Drivers should also avoid excessive idling or shifting to minimize strain on the transmission’s internal components.


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