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4 Waste Management Tips to Reduce Trash at Home March 19, 2020

Ewing Industrial Park, Columbia
4 Waste Management Tips to Reduce Trash at Home, Columbia, Missouri

If you want to help the environment, you can start by reducing trash your household generates. As waste management becomes a more significant concern, people are discovering new ways to limit what goes into the trash can. These tips can get you started on doing your part to save the environment.

How to Lower the Amount of Garbage You Produce

1. Begin Recycling

While recycling is essential to efficient waste management, getting started may seem intimidating. Fortunately, more local governments are providing opportunities for both adults and children to learn. Some communities offer free or cheap recycling receptacles, so you can more easily separate plastic, glass, and paper. This makes it easier to recycle and reduces the trash you must leave out for a waste removal service.

2. Start Composting

Even if you have a pet that eats leftovers, you’ll still have a generous amount of food scraps. While this waste doesn’t negatively impact the environment, you can use it in the home. By composting the food scraps your family generates, it can help grow plants and vegetables in your garden.

3. Switch to Reusable Containers 

Waste ManagementPeople often use single-use plastic and paper products, so eliminating these takes considerable effort. Start by looking in your pantry. Instead of storing food in bags and other plastic containers, invest in glass jars that you can use multiple times.

Similarly, bring a reusable food container with you when you dine out. Place leftovers in this container instead of the plastic foam containers most restaurants provide.

4. Reuse Older Possessions

Instead of replacing your computer, automobile, or clothes every few years, hang onto these items for longer. This is especially applicable for cell phones, which contain lithium and other chemicals that leak into the soil of landfills.

Repair these items instead of replacing them. This will help you save money while also reducing waste. Try to continue repairing items until the repair costs exceed the replacement.


Waste management is easier when you work with a company that’s focused on customer service. T-Mac Solid Waste & Roll-off Service has been servicing the Columbia, MO, area for more than three decades and has been a family-owned business throughout those years. For any questions, call (573) 814-2844. Learn more about the services they offer by visiting them online.

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