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3 Surprising Benefits of Heat Pumps February 19, 2020

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3 Surprising Benefits of Heat Pumps, Liberty, Ohio

For years, many homeowners have relied on furnaces for heating and air conditioners for cooling. However, they are no longer the only options for keeping your home comfortable throughout the year. Heat pumps provide both heating and cooling, along with plenty of other potential benefits. However, it’s you should learn about this new system before making an investment.

Why Should You Add a Heat Pump to Your Home?

1. Energy Efficiency

Heat pumps operate by transferring heat energy from one medium (usually air) to another. In the winter, the pump takes warmth from the air outside to heat your home. In the summer, the process is reversed to cool your interior. Because you’re not burning fuel, heat pumps require less power to operate through the year, lowering your energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint.

2. Simple Installation & Repairs

heating and coolingSince a heat pump offers both heating and cooling, it’s easier to install than a separate furnace and air conditioner. Additionally, you only have one system to care for, so it’s easier to keep track of what heat pump maintenance is needed to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

3. Consistent Comfort

Because heat pumps naturally diffuse warmer or cooler air into the space, they can deliver the same level of heating and cooling throughout your entire home. This means you won’t have to worry about cold spots or varying temperatures like you might with a furnace or air conditioner that is overworked or worn down.


If you’re interested in reaping the benefits of a new heat pump, contact Lenox Heating & Cooling. Serving Ross County and Chillicothe, OH, this HVAC contractor offers a wide array of services to help you keep your home comfortable and energy-efficient throughout the entire year, including heat pump repair, HVAC installation, and service for traditional furnaces and air conditioning units. With more than 20 years in business, the family-owned and operated company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Visit their website for a full list of services. To request service, call (740) 702-2665.

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