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4 FAQ About Jewish Funeral Planning February 11, 2020

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4 FAQ About Jewish Funeral Planning, Rochester, New York

If you’re planning a Jewish funeral for a friend or loved one, and you are of a different faith, you might not know where to begin. Jewish funerals have unique rituals and rules, which can vary by sect or belief system. Although it is best to seek funeral planning guidance from individuals who knew the deceased well, keep in mind the following general information. 

What You Should Know About Jewish Funeral Planning

How soon should the funeral take place?

Schedule the funeral and burial as soon as possible. Jewish tradition dictates that the funeral and burial should take place within 24 hours of a person’s death out of respect. However, if you have family coming from far away, you can delay the service several days.

Is embalming permitted?

Generally, individuals of the Jewish faith don’t embalm or apply cosmetics to the body of the deceased. They believe that the body should return to the earth in its natural state, just as it arrived. However, if state or municipal law requires it, or the body has to be transported a long distance, embalming is allowed.

Does Judaism allow cremation?funeral planning

Burial is preferred by most sects for a variety of reasons. It is generally considered the more respectful option. However, some Reform Jewish practitioners permit it, as halachic texts don’t expressly forbid the practice. 

What type of casket should I select?

Choosing the right casket is a crucial part of the funeral planning process. Judaism calls for using a wooden casket with no metal parts. This way, both the body and casket are biodegradable and will become part of the earth as they disintegrate.


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