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FAQ About Self-Cleaning Oven Features February 6, 2020

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FAQ About Self-Cleaning Oven Features, Elyria, Ohio

If you find yourself frequently needing oven repair services, perhaps it's time for you to know your cooking appliance better. Self-cleaning features may seem like a dream come true, but be aware that these don't eliminate the need for manual clearing. Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about this oven function.

What You Need to Know About Self-Cleaning Ovens

1. How often should you clean your oven?

This depends on how often you use this appliance and the kinds of food you cook. However, remember that the self-clean feature should not be used for every minor spill. Oven repair companies recommend manually removing dirt regularly using a plastic scrub pad and hot, soapy water. Doing so prevents excessive dirt buildup that can lead to a longer self-cleaning cycle. 

2. What are the different types of self-cleaning ovens?

oven repairThe two main kinds of self-cleaning ovens are the traditional high temperature and steam. Ovens with conventional self-clean features utilize temperatures as high as 900-1000°F to turn food residue into ash. Meanwhile, steam-cleaning devices use vapor to dislodge debris inside the ovens. Both self-cleaning appliances require you to manually wipe off the residue after your oven cools down.

3. What should you do before activating the self-cleaning function?

Before initiating the self-cleaning function, get rid of any buildup or spill you can easily remove. Doing so helps reduce the amount of smoke generated during the cycle, which can be toxic to birds and, in large volumes, is harmful even to humans. 

If pans and foil wrap are inside your oven, take these out first. Don't leave the metal racks inside either, as these components tend to discolor. If a heating element burns out due to the high temperatures, call for oven repair services before operating your cooking appliance.  

4. How long does the cleaning cycle take?

An average self-cleaning cycle takes about three hours. However, the actual duration depends on the kind of oven you have, your chosen setting, and the amount of grime in it. Traditional high-temperature devices take about 1.5 to 5 hours to finish, while steam ovens typically need only 30 minutes to complete the cycle. 

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