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The History of Chicken Pot Pies February 11, 2020

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The History of Chicken Pot Pies, Newtown, Ohio

Chicken pot pie is known as a hearty, flavorful, and comforting dish. Whether you usually order yours from your favorite family restaurant or make it from scratch at home, you should know about the origins of this popular meal. From unique traditions in ancient cultures to evolving flavors and ingredients, here’s a rundown of the history of chicken pot pie.

Ancient Origins

Meat pies first rose to prominence in the ancient Roman and Greek civilizations. In the early days, banquet chefs would prepare meats and vegetables in a golden, flaky crust. Some would even place live birds inside that would exit once the crust was broken. Thankfully, this custom did not stand the test of time.

However, the pies themselves did. The idea of mixing meat with vegetables, flavorful sauce, and crispy pie dough appealed to many people, especially those who wanted an easy and inexpensive way to use leftover game meat. These pies were seen as affordable options for preserving food that might otherwise go bad, while also adding unique flavors to make the meal noteworthy.

Evolution of Chicken Pot Pies

family restaurantThough early meat pies were mainly made out of necessity, they stuck around because they provided a hearty and delicious meal without requiring a ton of expensive ingredients. Chicken became a popular option in these dishes because of how well the meat complemented the vegetables and flaky crust. This rise in popularity occurred mainly in Europe, but early settlers brought the recipe to the United States, where it is still enjoyed today.


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