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4 Questions to Ask a House Cleaning Service  February 21, 2020

East New York, Brooklyn
4 Questions to Ask a House Cleaning Service , ,

Hiring a house cleaning service is exciting and stress-relieving. These professionals will disinfect your home, reducing allergens and germs. However, since a team will regularly enter your home—whether you’re inside or not—it’s crucial to pick a reliable and trustworthy service. Below are four questions to ask during your search for a reputable cleaning service.

Common Questions to Ask a Cleaning Service

What is your cleaning schedule like?

Some cleaning services are open 24/7, while others may have more restricted schedules. Regardless, with the right service, you can book a regular service (daily, weekly, or monthly) that works best for you. Some services allow you to book an appointment online, while others prefer a phone call ahead of time. Pick a company that can easily accommodate you.

What services do you offer?

cleaning serviceA quality cleaning service will offer a range of cleaning techniques. A basic cleaning, for example, might include sweeping and mopping, as well as cleaning a set number of bedrooms. This should include wiping down all surfaces with disinfectant wipes to remove germs and stains.

Most cleaning services also offer deep cleaning packages, which might be ideal if you haven’t effectively cleaned your home in several weeks or months. The staff will clean hard-to-reach places, such as bookshelves and ceiling fans, and dust as needed. Some services may include move-in/move-out cleaning, laundry, and office cleaning as well. 

What products do you use?

A quality house cleaning service will bring their own cleaning supplies. They’ll provide the best quality products for disinfecting and polishing surfaces, as well as mopping and sweeping the floor. Look for a service that uses non-toxic cleaners to keep your indoor air quality at its best.

How do I know I can trust your staff?

A trustworthy cleaning service will not only have their staff carefully trained, but also reference and background checked as well. They’ll be happy to provide you with customer references that will attest to their quality service. Additionally, an effective company will be insured and bonded; they’ll make it a priority to protect your home from damage.



You don’t want any doubts about your home cleaning service, so trust the professionals at Right Cleaning in Brooklyn, NY, to get the job done right. Whether you’re looking for a basic cleaning or a deep cleaning, they’ll offer an affordable, professional option that best suits your needs. With their help, you can get your home fresh and clean in no time. They take customer service seriously and strive to make you 100% satisfied. Call (212) 655-7153 to find out about their services and to book an appointment.
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